Brandman versus Superman!

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Brand management

Everybody knows the story of “Superman”, who is one of the most popular, fictional characters. Superman is the saver of people against the enemies. However, nowadays the fame of Superman deflates under the wind of new hero “Brandman”.

Everybody knows the real story of “Brandman” who is the man of brand, in other words, the saver of his brand. If you ask who the man is in the picture below, nobody will hesitate to answer. Because, the answer is very easy. He is the man of brand, the man of Microsoft; namely Bill Gates. Everybody knows him not because of his strong, attractive muscles or his sexy (?) boxer with a logo of Microsoft but because of his superior intelligence in the field of brand management.

Today many companies are fighting against their competitors in order to protect their brands. With the strong winds of globalization, the field is full of competitors that are more severe than they were a few decades ago. That’s why many brands are under the thread of being crushed by new, strongly built and strategicly positioned brands in the mind of consumers. “Superman” is only a good story to be cast in oblivion in today’s fast-moving world. However, Brandman is the most popular story which the companies are putting their shoulder to the wheel to write. So Brandman, who is saver of the brand of his company can be regarded as a saver of his company in an indirect way.

It is not easy to be a Brandman like it is not easy to be a Superman. Brandman has to increase his powers with the developments in technology used in brand management. Because he can not be a man of his brand if he does not go beyond this technology and other men who use it. Furthermore, Brandman takes action just in time. “Just in time” does not mean fast or slow. Sometimes moving fast can result in touching bottom although it seems to be compatible with “the first-mover advantage”. So Brandman has an analytical mind in that he watches his competitors’ motions while taking action. The important point here is that man of brand knows the speed limits of the brand, not so fast, not so slow but “just-in-time”.

Hereafter, the last decision is yours. The fictional hero “Superman” or the real hero “Brandman”? Which one do you want to be?  Which story do you want to write???


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