All-Star Game Most Valuable Player to promote THY brand

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Brand management

Most probably you all remember the last motto of Turkish Airlines (THY)  vocalized by Sertap Erener. “We are Turkish Airlines” is enough for you to complete it as “we are globally yours”. Although the word “globally” seems a big claim, THY is acting in accordance with this statement as if it wants to confirm this statement. In order to promote the THY brand, Turkish Airlines (THY) has signed a contract with Kobe Bryant, the three-time winner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star Game Most Valuable Player award.

The contract was signed at a ceremony in Los Angeles on Saturday and Bryant commited to appear in THY advertisements for the next two years. According to the statement from THY, the commercials with Bryant will be shown globally with a focus on the US market and on the Far East and the Middle East, where the player has more popularity. Furthermore, the airline, which has been flying to New York and Chicago for a long time, is improving by adding to its destinations in the Americas. After Toronto and Sao Paolo added a couple of years ago, THY has recently added Washington, D.C., as a destination, with Los Angeles coming soon. Also, the company aims to add 23 new aircraft to the fleet by the end of 2011 and increase the frequency of flights on existing routes.

Under this contract, Bryant will promote the THY brand by participating in a number of public relations events for THY and special gatherings with his fans around the world.

THY Chairman Hamdi Topçu said “In line with our strategy of conducting communication through the field of sports, we have shaken hands with Kobe Bryant, the most popular figure in basketball and whose career is full of success, to effectively promote our major boost in capacity and new products to our customers both in target markets and the whole world,”

Bryant also voiced his thoughts that he was filled with “a great joy” to be the one to try THY’s “excellent service” before everyone else.


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