WikiLeaks Inspires Feminine Hygiene Ad Campaign

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Advertising, Brand management, Marketing

Although leaked government documents, diplomacy cables and passwords seem to be in sober earnest, they are a mere instrument in the hands of a creative advertising man who make fun of the issue.

In Pakistan Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks controversy has inspired a maxipad company’s latest ad campaign. The ad agency has turned this controversy into an insanely humorous ad for a feminine hygiene product, with the slogan “WikiLeaks…Butterfly doesn’t.” The billboards were erected in Karachi, Pakistan earlier this week, and for everyone who can appreciate the crude humor here, be happy to know that a print campaign to accompany this ad is already in the works.

So far, the agency behind the campaign, RG Blue Communications, has had no regrets about the new campaign. Head of business development, Amjad Hussain, says that it has “received a very good response” to the billboards. He also laughingly told The Express Tribune, “Nobody has said it’s in bad taste yet!”

According to Hussain, Butterfly was a new client that had recently come on board. They loved the idea when it was pitched to them and so the campaign rolled out very quickly

Munir Bhatti, the agency’s art director, told Pakistan’s Express Tribune that although he’s been swamped with phone calls about the ad, it’s achieved precisely what he intended it to. “I could have also shown a girl like other ads have. But the idea was to make it very different and to use the word WikiLeaks — and that’s what this is,” Bhatti explained.


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