Maintaining A Brand By Integrating a Brand Management Strategy

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Brand management

Under the strong wind of globalization, it is much more difficult to maintain your brand. However, the findings show that business executives, regardless of company size, have less and less time to maintain their brand’s image and reputation. Instead, a third-party brand management team come on the scene and understand the philosophy behind a company. In order to to preserve the image and operations of a product or service, this team act as a chief marketing officer.

On The Way To Creating and Managing Global Brands

Although CEOs are looking for the financial value when it comes to branding, we cannot ignore the importance of maintaining a brand. Today social media, definitely, is saddling companies with much more responsibility to maintain their brands. Customers, consumers all have an opportunity to comment or participate in the branding of a business and affect its performance to maintain image and reputation.

Not only the face of economy is changing but also the questions being asked by executives are very distinct from the past years when it comes to brand management. The battle field is mobbed by the crowd of many rival brands, so that it is not easy to wangle one’s way through this crowd. As a result, companies are trying to define their business opportunities and challenges while focusing on brand management to solve those issues.

According to Andrea Sullivan Executive Director, Client Services of Global Branding Consultancy for Interbrand, there are three ways to define a great brand: the brand drives demand, commands premium products, and engenders loyalty from clients and/or employees. In order to attain those three elements, companies are in a competitive struggle with how brands work and how to convert a brand strategy into something meaningful for customers.

“Clients are interested in looking at how corporate citizenship can become part of the over-arching theme of a brand and how the company can take on a role as a citizen of the world to make sure what they’re doing is making a positive difference with their branding strategy,” Sullivan says.

Integrating Your Branding Strategy With Social Media

Depending on a company’s budget for brand management services, still traditional advertising, such as commercials, magazine ads, radio spots, and outdoor billboards seems to be the easiest way to reach larger audiences, although not sufficient in today’s fast-moving world. Today the level of interactive relationship with consumers determines the value of a brand. Many companies use social media and the Internet to increase a client’s presence on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google ads. Social media, which is very distinct from conventional communication tools, is becoming more and more a trend in marketing and marketing communication.

Also, global brands are blending social media with more traditional advertising to grow effectiveness even more. However,  global brands are approaching social media more prudently when the effort of social media inclusion is growing. Since it is very important to use social media creatively and effectively, they are analyzing the issue, determining their strategy/a guide for them and then taking action.

For instance, B360 Studios which is a brand management agency specializing in brand development and positioning, licensing, mobile solutions, and Web 2.0 technologies is currently managing Los Angeles-based fbe (Firm Body Evolution) Spa, a high-end holistic fitness center and spa. They leverage new ways to market the business. Not only they use group buying sites like Living Social and Groupon to offer deep discounts for membership but also they have segments on TV shows like ‘Access Hollywood’ and ‘The Doctors’ to share information about fbe to other interested individuals. This is a perfect example of how they maintain their brand by integrating a brand management strategy.


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