New Face Of Shopping With Facebook : ‘Social Shopping’ Of Luxury Brands

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Brand management, Social Media

Surely, you all have an account in Facebook and visit the website at least once a day not only to watch videos shared by your friends but also to hear the latest gossips about your friends: Who is in a relationship with whom? Which party are your friends attending? And so on. Today Facebook has over 500 million active users spending an average of 700 billion minutes per month. This is a prima facie evidence that many brands and retailers are turning towards ‘Social Shopping’ on the popular networking site. They regard  ‘Social Shopping’ as an effective tool to promote trade and branding.

There is a more severe competition between innumerable luxury brands. As a result of this, e-commerce has been gaining momentum over the last couple of years with many sophisticated e-commerce sites.

With thousands of products launched every month, marketing through traditional platforms are not sufficient to stick out and attract attention of consumers. That’s why brands are looking for ways to connect with consumers on a more personal level.

Nowadays, Facebook is integrating e-Commerce features and options on its pages and building analytical tools to interact with its users. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Facebook is trying to induce companies like J.C.Penney and Delta Airlines to sell products on its pages. In fact, Delta has already established the application through which users can book tickets online.

Levi’s is another major brand which is among the first to turn towards the social networking site for connecting with users through social shopping. It has already integrated with Facebook for online shopping.

However, Facebook is not the only player of the game. Last November, Google also purchased which includes high range fashion items used by celebrities. Not only users can follow each of these items but also they can determine which items are good for them with a Like/Dislike button.


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