Vaseline In Turkey Market

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Brand management, Marketing

Vaseline, the first cream brand of the world, brought in Turkey personal care market by Unilever, will tell Turkish consumers about skin care consciousness and show skin miracles in Turkey.

Although Vaseline was made initially by the Chesebrough Manufacturing Company, Unilever purchased the company in 1987. It has been considered generic in some countries like Chile and Brazil, where the Unilever products are called Vasenol.

Unilever, the FMCG giant, declared in a press conference held in Esma Sultan Mansion at January 6, 2011 that it has launched Vaseline, which is the first cream brand of the world, in Turkey market. Unilever Vice President of Marketing for Home and Personal Care Zeynep Yalım Uzun, Skin Care Category Brand Manager Gülden Duykan and Dermatologist Prof. Dr. Serap Öztürkcan participated in this conference and shared information about usage habits of skin care products and Turkey market for skin care products.

Thereby, Vaseline is providing moistiniser lotion, cream and lips care products included in product portfolio in the world markets, in Turkish market for the first time. Under launching campaign, commercial film prepared for the brand will be shown on TV channels.

Zeynep Yalım Uzun, Unilever Vice President of Marketing for Home and Personal Care, emphasized that they were aiming to be a leader in the category of personal care, which grew 8 per cent in Turkey and 4 per cent in the world in 2010. With this growth, the size of personal care category reached 520 billion TL and skin care got a share of 44 per cent. Turkey personal care market reached almost 2.5 billion TL including 745 million TL of skin care products. Uzun also informed that they would soon bring product portfolio for men into Turkey market, which is still open to improvement compared to European countries.


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