Turn Your Profile “Artsy” With Schweppes App

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Brand management, Mobile Apps

As television – industrial complex agonizes with the emergence of social media and its creative applications, consumers begin to fully exploit the creative possibilities of the new Facebook profile page photo layout. Some Facebook profiles not only catch your eye but also make you think: how in the world did they do that? At least one marketer, namely, Schweppes has just simplified the process for the… less artistic of us by taking advantage of recent improvements to the Facebook profile and giving that Facebook profile an artistic makeover.

The beverage firm and its Amsterdam-based digital agency (social media marketing agency), Super Social have just introduced an app called Profile Yourself that makes it easier for users to do cool stuff in presenting their social networking info. So users can run one giant photo via multiple windows on a profile page. The company works with French artist Andre Oudin, who has discovered that facet of the new layout.

Oudin took advantage of the vertical photo slot on the left side of the page and the five windows to the right to make it appear like his face was looking through the profile page. Others have also offered their own twists on the new layout.

First, you need to ‘like’ the Schweppes Facebook page to download the profile app. Then all you have to do is to launch the app on Facebook itself, load an image of yourself (horizontal pictures are easier to work with), carry out a few simple operations, and let the software help those without Photoshop skills and with little time get a handsome new profile. Amaze all your Facebook friends with the new app. This is like a magic and only thing you have to do is let this magic begin.

“The Schweppes Profile App is another way to honour those consumers who have contributed in making what the Schweppes brand stands for today,” the partners say. “The app is perfect for those people who have strong personalities, are self-assured and really want to express themselves in a creative and sophisticated way.”

Here’s a video on how the Schweppes app works:


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