Samsung’s New Campaign: “TicToc Girls”

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Brand management

Although I lived my childhood and teenaged years to the full,  I feel as if it was a short dream. Especially, I feel unlucky whenever I wonder around a toy store and see new technological tools designed for teenagers. If I were a young girl, most probably I would be seduced by Samsung’s new campaign and insist on TicToc MP3 player by telling my father about its features.

After completing its five-month-long marketing initiative, Samsung has selected two UK teenagers as “TicToc Girls” to promote the TicToc MP3 player which was launched in July. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. ( recently announced that the selection of two 15-year-old girls would represent the company’s new motion-operated digital music device designed especially for girls and young women. These girls who embraced today’s fashion- and music-conscious teen culture serve as the face of the New MP3 Player Geared Toward Girls and Young Women. “TicToc Girls” Final Pop Music Video has debuted on Samsung Facebook and YouTube Pages.

Samsung selected Emily Doherty and Bethany Yates, coming from the United Kingdom, as the winners of the TicToc Girls Audition, which was a free-to-enter “Star Search”-type competition and open to residents of the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain between the ages of 14 and 21. Also, Samsung developed and promoted a Facebook application for each of the four participating countries in which users could watch a demonstration video of the choreography and lyrics, and submit their own version upon completion. Thanks to this competiton, Samsung can find the first-ever “TicToc Girls”.

The debut of the “TicToc Girls” final pop music video reflects the culmination of a digital- and social media-driven marketing initiative in recent years. Especially, Samsung’s “TicToc Girls” marketing campaign shows that the company regards Facebook as the hub for the campaign by seeking to align high school and college-age girls with the TicToc MP3 player, which is a motion-activated, shuffle-type music player.

Facebook page, which went live in August 2010 can be viewed here: (

The “TicToc Girls” pop video can be viewed here:

“Today’s generation of young girls wants to tell their own stories, rather than be told what to do, and they want to share their stories with their friends,” said, senior vice president of mobile marketing, Samsung Electronics. “What we found is that friendship is everything to this demographic. And friends share everything. In order to position the TicToc as the music player of choice for this target, the natural progression was to heavily utilize Facebook, as it provides the ultimate medium for teenage girls to share information with each other.”

This campaign has focused on both building the brand and creating product awareness through user participation and interaction. Not only Facebook page but also a YouTube channel ( has been used as a tool to emphasize the brand in a TicToc dance instruction video, the Professional music video and the behind-the-scenes footage. Although it seems a short period since the campaign has been launched, it has generated a great deal of fans and video entries by establishing a strong fan base and creating a high count of monthly active users.

“The search for the Samsung ‘TicToc Girls’ was an overwhelming success for the TicToc brand, generating tens of millions of online impressions across four European countries,” YH Lee added. “Every teenage girl dreams of becoming a pop star, and Samsung provided a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to star in a music video produced by music industry professionals.”

Participants in the “TicToc Girls” Audition, who were competing for a four-day trip to Seoul, Korea, tried to shoot a professional pop music video. Also, a film and photo collage of the trip; a gift package with the Samsung TicToc MP3 player; and video and photo displays were on Samsung Mobile’s channels. In order to attract attention of potential participants, Samsung developed and promoted a Facebook application for each of the four participating countries, in which users could watch a demonstration video of the choreography and lyrics, and submit their own version upon completion. Also, in the page there were some options to invite friends to audition as well as view other competitors’ uploads.

The first girl-friendly and motion-activated MP3 player, Samsung TicToc is available in 2GB and 4GB versions, the device supports MP3, AAC, WMA, Ogg, FLAC and WAV files and a battery life up to 12 hours.


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