Social Shopping With “Gloople”

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Brand management

“Not only harness the power of social conversation but also increase your social media ROI with Gloople”

E-commerce has gained momentum over the last couple of years with many sophisticated e-commerce sites. After Facebook has integrated e-commerce features and options on its pages and created the new concept of ‘Social Shopping’, many brands and retailers are turning their face away the popular networking sites to promote trade and branding. So it has become a rule that as Facebook gets excited about something, brands listen. Recently, Facebook has declared that 2011 will be the year of social commerce revolution.

“Social Commerce excites me – we already know how powerful recommendations from friends can be and the group shopping experience can easily be replicated through social commerce…the potential here is huge,” says Facebook’s UK & Ireland PR chief Sophy Silver to the “Guardian”.

Gloople, the UK’s first integrated social sharing e-commerce platform with full mobile functionality, is up for this challenge. It’s designed to provide a powerful and affordable e-commerce option for SME brands and retailers. Also, it enables them to automate engagement with their consumer online.

Gloople’s name conforms with its mission, as Gloople = Glue People. Glue social commerce tools create an easy to use e-commerce platform which is designed with the end-buyer (People) in mind to do the selling for the brand owner.

Gloople is available not only to licence but also to purchase with a range of customisable options for your business. Thanks to Gloople, consumers can easily make direct purchases from a brand’s embedded store without having to leave the comfort of their social networking ‘home’. Since there are links with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, every user’s purchase is automatically shared with their Facebook and Twitter networks, which communicate this online purchase behaviour to their entire social community by sending the brand viral. As a result, this sharing parlays e-commerce into social currency.

“Brands can now interact directly with consumers online in an enjoyable way, which enables the consumer to become an advocate, who shares their experience whilst building a bond with the brand and evaluating the products they wish to purchase. Consumers spend 1.5 more time on the internet who use Facebook & Twitter.” says Warren Knight, Gloople Co-founder and Director.

Moreover, they already have applications such as American Express’ iPhone app Social Currency which allows users to show off purchases made on their AmEx card to their online community.

It is truism to say that consumption and purchase preferences reflect who we are and most probably we want to share our online purchasing behaviour with our peers as these preferences are combined with the allure of social media. We have been already sharing our location with the world and now it is time for showing off our latest purchases.

In addition to providing brands with a fully customisable online sales platform, Gloople also helps them engage directly in commercial activity with their online fan base through controlled social media interaction. In return for further online interaction with a brand using Gloople’s GroupBuy facility, Gloople offers rewards and incentives. So the brand’s online community is no longer simply a fanbase, but an empowered salesforce, expanding with every ‘tweet and ‘like’.

Gloople’s Social Hub facility provides online consumers with an arena to share purchase stories, advise and recommendations, promoting a sense of community and conversation under the watchful eye of the brand. Furthermore, Automated Discount is another facility that shares consumer purchases and gives an immediate discount on that purchase or a voucher for a next time purchase.

Gloople, which is fully equipped to meet the demands of the Smartphone user, With a unique mobile application, it is possible to have branded search capabilities and even a payment system.

After all, are you still keen on traditional shopping without becoming social???

  1. Thank you for a great article and explaining all the benefits.
    We feel its so important to give the Small and Medium sizes businesses, the same online opportunities as the big boys.

    • dileksandik says:

      I really appreciate your comments.
      You are right it is very important for those Small and Medium size companies to have these opportunities and make their voice be heard through social media.

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