Get Wise with Agency Wise

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Brand management

Today’s fast-moving world, it is no longer easy to manage your brand, organize attractive marketing activities and choose effective advertising tools for your brand. Since every company has different structures that cannot be clothed with the same dress as well as different target groups and market focus, the need for tailor made programmes and training modules increases.

Agency Wise, the newly established company, seems to fill this gap in the market by specialising in advertising, marketing and brand management training. The organization that has just opened its doors for business not only focuses on delivering tailor made programmes and training modules for both corporate clients dealing directly with advertising and PR agencies but also gives support for agency specific account management inputs.

Although Agency Wise has just been founded by advertising specialists Julie Burdis and Joanne Lintott, it has radicated with over 30 years’ experience and expertise within the industry. This wide experience of the founders in training and skill development comes from their background such that they worked with some of South Africa’s leading advertising agencies on many high profile brands.

Speaking about the launch of Agency Wise, Julie Burdis says that although they placed training as their number one priority, it somehow ended up very low on their action lists. He also adds Keeping clients happy and the business profitable are always the key issues – at the same time we all know the ultimate side effects – having team members who aren’t skilled to do the job will ultimately have an impact on those happy clients and the profitability of the business. It’s a never-ending cycle that resulted in our creation of Agency Wise, a one stop solution.”

In order to build a relationship on a firm footing both within the agency and between the client and their agency, Agency Wise offers a wide range of specific skill development tools according to the company structure they are dealing with. These tools and practices include relationship building, traditional client service training, agency operations and systems understanding, general understanding of brands and marketing in addition to a clear understanding into these tools and practices.

For example, “Tandem Training” is only one of the unique approaches developed by Agency Wise. It is a kind of programme developed to roll alongside a “live brief” or Project. With this programme, it is possible to train the team while maximizing the output of the brief at the same time.

The Agency Wise team, opposed to the currently available structured, standardized programmes, believes that its core point of difference is tailor-made approaches to all training needs. They fill this gap by providing solutions to both extensive and niche training needs. It seems it is the best way of getting wise with Agency Wise.


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