Huggies’ Mums For Hugging Social Media

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Brand management, Social Media

Huggies, the one of the most trusted brands of diapers by mums to keep their baby clean, dry and happy, encourage mums in US and Colombia to share experiences via social media by building a sense of community. In the US, mums not only share advice but also discuss Huggies products. Likewise, mums in Colombia share experiences through social media competitions.

Huggies, which have tailored individual Facebook pages for many countries across North and Latin America, use a community management approach by posting frequently social media content. Across Facebook, mums share their experiences about being a mum and caring for a baby. Thanks to this social media strategy, in US and Colombia there are 150,000 and 80,000 fans respectively.

According to WaveMetrix social media monitoring, Huggies’ strategy seems to be successful at engaging mums and building a sense of community. Unlike mums in the US who share parenting advice and discuss Huggies products by responding to community-focused content, Huggies in Colombia take a more proactive approach by using social media competitions. In these competitions, mums share “chaotically beautiful” anecdotes of their children to be able to win prizes. Since mums generally “love” the “fun” competitions, only a few discuss the Huggies brands and products.

In the US, Huggies engage mums with community related social media content:

US mums share the “best parenting advice they have received” such as “sleep when the baby sleeps”, “trust your instincts” and “breastfeed” in addition to experiences of what they did at the weekend with their children such as “went to the movies”, “did crafts” or “bought Huggies”. Mums also discuss about Huggies products by saying that Huggies and Huggies Little Movers “fit well”, do “not leak” and do “not leave a rash”. However, some say Huggies “leak” or “leave ink stains on clothes” so they have “switched to Pampers”.

Moreover, mums respond to the “Every Little Bottom program” that aims to donate diapers to babies in need. Although some mums appreciate this helping behaviour, others say that Huggies are “overcharging customers” or “looking for a tax deduction” by exploiting this program.

The $250 Pottery Barn gift card competition is another attempt to attract mums’ attention in that some share how they would decorate their child’s room if they won the $250 gift card while others complain of problems about entering the competition, saying that $250 “isn’t much money” or complain of “bogus” competition rules.

In Colombia, Huggies engage mums through social media competitions:

In Colombia mums share their baby experiences in the competitions because they regard competitions as “great activities” and they “want to win”. There are many examples of these competitons. In the “fairy tale” competition, mums try to start a story featuring their baby and Huggies. In the “video sharing” competition mums upload videos of “beautifully chaotic moments”  and in the “funny anecdote” competition mums share a “beautifully chaotic” anecdote about their baby.

Furthermore, mums respond to the “Good morning” and “Have a great evening” messages with friendly chatter. This builds not only a sense of community but also anticipation for the competitions. However, buzz about the Huggies products and brand is at low levels due to the focus on the competitions overshadowing the comments about products.


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