New Mobile Concept For Toblerone

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Brand management

Whenever I see the brand “Toblerone”, I remember ornamented baskets including wine, various snacks, Toblerone and sold in shopping centers until new year’s eve. It seems that Toblerone continues to surprise us with its new mobile retail concept.

Kraft Foods World Travel Retail (KFWTR) has announced the launch of a new mobile retail concept for its Toblerone brand. The mobile shop has been designed to address several ongoing challenges in the travel retail sector, KFWTR said.

The new Toblerone mobile shop not only offers flexibility, functionality and high-quality design but also brings together the best of KFWTR’s merchandising expertise by allowing retailers to capture consumer spend in any airside location.

The prototype unit which was completed at the end of 2010 comprises a number of components. The largest of these is a 3.3m-long merchandising unit, topped by a giant Toblerone chocolate bar. A large TV screen and optional model cable car, running from one end to the other, furnish this giant chocolate bar.

There are also six smaller triangular shelving units which provide a flexible layout. A cashier desk and two giant-sized standing Toblerone bars create maximum retail theatre while eye-cathing golden flooring ties the whole concept together.

Thanks to the shop’s mobility, retailers can test it in different airport locations, adapting quickly to changes in passenger flow and leveraging spaces where there is currently no retail presence. Depending on layout design, the flexible concept occupies a floor space of between 20-30sq m. As a result, it can fit easily into small spaces by allowing retailers to choose different set-ups. From a merchandise security perspective, all of the units are fully lockable during non-operating hours.

Moreover, the eye-catching design and mobile units, set apart from the main shopping center, increase the chances of attracting the relatively high percentage of passengers who would not otherwise enter a traditional travel retail store.

In partnership with The Nuance Group, KFWTR has already launched the new concept at Zurich Airport, where a 20sq m mobile retail unit has been set up in the concourse of Airside Center’s Level 1 at the beginning of January 2011.

Commenting on the launch, The Nuance Group Category Buyer Food Europe Lorenz Asch said: “We are delighted that the new Toblerone mobile shop has been launched at Zurich Airport, and the sales results from the first week promise much success ahead.”

KFWTR Managing Director Andreas Fehr added: “We hope to gain valuable insights from the implementation of our first Toblerone mobile shop at Zurich Airport. By working with The Nuance Group we are hoping to be able to quantify the incremental sales opportunity that this new concept can deliver, while understanding more fully the ease of its operation in an airside location. Based on this information, we will consider plans to roll-out this exciting new Toblerone concept to key travel retail locations around the globe.

He concluded , With this innovative retail concept Toblerone is setting a new benchmark bringing a ‘true piece of Switzerland’ to every corner of the travel retail world.


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