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Posted: February 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Monster customers whose job postings are on Monster are now accessible on the mobile engagement channel.

If you are unemployed looking for a job or employed but dissatisfied with your current job, most likely you have already met, a job matching engine and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc. Even, you have an account and actively follow the new job postings. Especially, if you are trying to find a job immediately, you need to look at the job postings regardless of wherever and whenever you are. realises this need and takes action in order to meet this need.

Recently, has debuted an iPad application designed specifically for job seekers. The free application, created to complement the user experience on the web site,  is available for download at the Apple App store. It is fully integrated with a user’s Monster account. Therefore, users can easily have Access to stored resumes, cover letters, and apply histories.

Thanks to the special features of this application, it is possible to search for jobs using built-in GPS for jobs nearest seekers. Users can access and manage saved jobs which can be reviewed later. Moreover, users can easily apply for jobs editing cover letters as well as viewing application history and resumes.

According to a press release, seekers have conducted 1.5M job searches, viewed 3.1 jobs and applied for over 200,000 jobs in the five months since the iPhone application was unveiled.

“At Monster, our goal is to enable seekers to uncover their right career opportunities that will ultimately improve their lives. Just as we’ve done with the iPhone application, we hope to do the very same thing with the iPad application – giving seekers a slew of options to access our database to find their perfect job, as soon as it becomes available, said Vasu Nagalingam, senior product director at Monster Worldwide.

More and more users are adopting mobile and portable devices as their primary means of accessing the Internet – Morgan Stanley predicts Smartphone shipments to eclipse PC shipments by mid 2012. By providing access to our 6Sense job search engine via the mobile engagement channel, Monster is committed to providing all the tools necessary for job seekers to reach their potential.” he concluded.


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