Belvedere Vodka And (RED) Collaborate To Save Lives

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Brand management

Recently Belvedere Vodka has announced its partnership with (RED)™, which has also been partnering with many brands such as Starbucks, Nike, Dell, Gap, Apple, Converse and Emporio Armani.

In order to raise proceeds for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria™, Belvedere Vodka will launch a Special Edition Bottle in late Summer 2011. Moreover, 50% of profits from the global sale of BELVEDERE (PRODUCT) RED ™ Special Edition Bottle will contribute to this Global Fund.

The (RED)TM inspired packaging will contain the same Belvedere vodka, which enthusiasts have always enjoyed. There will be no change in its unadulterated and naturally smooth taste. At a wide range of outlets including retail stores, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and airports, (BELVEDERE)RED Special Edition Bottles will be put up for sale in over 50 countries.

Although the launch is waiting for the late Summer 2011, The (BELVEDERE) RED Special Edition Bottle is unveiled at a pre-Grammy party in LA today, February 10 with the support of USHER, the multi-platinum and award-winning recording artist. To raise awareness around HIV/AIDS, the artist has teamed up with Belvedere. He emphasizes the need for consumers to unite in support of programs that make an effort to eliminate AIDS in Africa.

Belvedere Vodka is delighted to join (RED) in the fight against AIDS by helping to raise funds generated from the global sales of (BELVEDERE)RED. As one of the world’s leading spirit brands, we are in a unique position to harness the power of our customers to benefit the millions of people who are at risk, or are living, with HIV. We want to raise consumer awareness and incite more global action to eliminate AIDS in Africa. Our message is simple—(PRODUCT)RED helps save lives.” says Charles Gibb, President of Belvedere and Millennium Imports.


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