Debenhams Compiles “Lingerie Commandments” for Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Valentine’s Day, regarded as a commecialized day for most people, is approaching swiftly creating a sweet rush for many lovers all around the world. Although it is difficult for women to choose a gift for men, it seems very easy for men to choose a gift for women. Most probably men will flock into lingerie section in stores to buy a gift for this special day. This choice “buying lingerie” will not only make a hit with many women but also juice up this special day for men by giving intense pleasure of seeing the lingerie on their women.

Debenhams, being aware of this situation, does a roaring business by helping to hapless men, who constantly buy their wives and girlfriends the wrong kind of underwear. In the lead up to Valentine’s day the fashion store, Debenhams, has compiled a 10 point “Lingerie Commandments” guide to help men choose lingerie that women want to wear rather than styles they want them to wear. Not only the guide has been issued to all 161 Debenhams stores but also staff have been trained to recognise hapless men in need of lingerie advice in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

The first rule Debenhams emphasizes for men is to: “Forget Pussycat Dolls – red PVC lingerie might appeal to you, but don’t expect it to turn your woman into a minx.”

Another important commandment is: “Don’t EVER buy her Control Wear. Although knickers and bras which keep flabby bulges hidden may be her first choice, buying them as a present will reduce the chances of romance by ruining this special night.

Since so much lingerie bought by men at this time of year or another peak time of year Christmas is then quickly returned by women, Debenhams has issued the guide. The trend is called as ‘Monday Duties’ by the experts at the store because lingerie is usually bought by men on Saturday and returned by women on a Monday.

Debenhams hopes that it will help male customers to buy the right gift. However, there is another underlying reason of issuing the Lingerie Commandments guide. It will also help Debenhams save time and Money by reducing the amount of lingerie brought back to be exchanged.

Lingerie personal shopper at Debenhams Oxford Street, Mina Abban-Mensah, said, “We see swarms of men in the lingerie department in the run up to Valentine’s Day – but few seem to know how or why they ended up there…Most men can easily identify the parts of an engine, or change a tyre in a matter of minutes; yet when faced with the option of a balconette, basque or push-up, they are instantly puzzled.”

Mina continued: “The lingerie commandments are a great introduction, as they mean that all our staff will be able to offer relevant, important expert advice on shopping for lingerie gifts.”

According to a research about shopping habits by the lingerie retailer, most of the time men get it wrong when it comes to buying lingerie. Also, the research revealed that 68% of women were less than impressed when they have received Valentines lingerie in the past.

After all, the best advice to men buying lingerie for this February 14th is undoubtedly to take into consideration each commandment. The rewards will be waiting for men in the wee hours of the night or maybe much before these hours…


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