‘Find Someone Fit’ In Puma Love Run

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Brand management

Although Valentine’s Day passed so quickly, it is not easy for most of us to forget what happened in this day. Not only lovers but also brands competed for making this year’s Valentine’s Day unforgettable by organizing interesting events. I can’t wait for telling about Puma Love Run that seemed similar to Nike’s Run Club. However, Puma’s only aim was not to make people run to become fit like Nike.

Ahead of this St. Valentine’s Day, Puma helped single Melbournians find their love in the ‘sportive settings’. As well as promoting urban running, Puma gave couples a chance to spend an unconventional Valentine’s weekend. The sportswear brand launched Puma Love Run on February 12 inviting people of Melbourne. The aim was to make them have a nice time together in this special day while covering a distance between 4.5km or 6.5km in the inner-city park Birrarung Marr.

Approximately 1500 Melbournians, including singles and couples, participated in the first-ever Puma Love Run which had been developed by Ogilvy Group Melbourne and supported by a range of other companies. Giving the message ‘meet someone fit’, Puma launched a campaign supported by viral elements, a micro-website and on-street promotion. People were encouraged to get their hearts racing.

In order to distinguish single participants from those who are already in love and to prevent unwanted misunderstanding, Puma gave out T-shirts of different colours (red and white ones) to participants. The couples and single participants who managed to find a match during this event or had a chance of chatting with many people enjoyed good music and relax under the stars at the Puma Love Run Music Concert, featuring disco pop Miami Horror band. The registration for the “rigorous stretching of love muscles” cost $45.

The Puma Love Run was created as a fun event for people who love staying fit and the challenge of exercise but are not necessarily elite runners; the perfect fit for Puma’s positioning of ‘joy.’ We thought it would be a great experience if Puma could bring these runners together in a social sense, and help connect people together in a fun, fitness-inspired way. But we needed to make it different from the other fun-runs and Valentines Weekend provided the perfect inspiration,” commented Michael Knox, Ogilvy Group Melbourne Executive Creative Director.

The ad can be viewed below:


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