Creative Collaboration Encouraged By Nissan Juke Studio Program

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Brand management, Social Media

The Nissan Juke is doing its level best so as to reach its audience, particularly savvy young people living in urban areas. Surely, Nissan Juke continues to win the hearts of car buffs with its bold design and 3 innovative driving modes that set it apart from any other urban vehicle. To bring that uniqueness to life, Nissan uses all forms of the modern art by finding some of the hottest emerging artists and asking them to create artwork that will live not in a gallery, but as designs on the Juke itself. Those contemporary up-and-coming artists not only create their visions of the car’s potential but also give inspiration to creative minds.

So, in course of the campaign many creative minds came together. To name them, Jim Mahfood, Jeremyville, and Tristan Eaton were invited to create their own vision of three driving modes of Nissan Juke (Eco, Sport, Normal). By depicting the nature of the driving modes, each of the artists has picked a unique approach. For instance, LA-based artist Jim Mahfood has portrayed three different girls with different characters and appearance to symbolize each of the driving modes of the automobile.

New York-based artist and toy designer Tristan Eaton has revealed Normal, Eco and Sport driving modes of Nissan Juke as three animals—Panda (for Eco mode), Tiger (for Sport) and Hog (for Normal).

Jeremyville, known as an artist, product designer, animator, and the author of the first book in the world on designer toys, has depicted the 3 modes as different organs of human body. So, each designs looks like a multi-colored version of an X-ray.

The excitement doesn’t end there! Nissan Juke has launched an online creative laboratory at and invites everybody passionate about the model to join the nationwide competition that will award one lucky winner with a brand new Nissan Juke—featuring exactly the same exterior design as submitted by the winner. The task of each participant is to create their own version of the Nissan Juke design out of elements of the artwork created by the above-mentioned artists. To enter the contest, interested participants can visit and submit a wrap of their design, drawing inspiration from the original work of our 3 artists.

The campaign was developed for Nissan by TBWA/CHIA/DAY.


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