D-ash Design Unveils New Concept Stores For Godiva

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Brand management

New York-based D-ash Design has designed the interiors of five new flagship locations of international chocolatier Godiva, reinventing the chocolate experience.

Last week I was walking along the Istiklal Street in Istanbul in the evening. Suddenly I was attracted a piece of light brightening Levi’s store and special clothes on the window display. Although the store was closed due to the late hour, surely most of people walking along the street like me were attracted by this design of the store and maybe wanted to go into the store yet another time.

Today many brands are selling not only a wide variety products but also special designs. Most of the time the money spent on a brand goes to the design, not to the quality. Customers are looking for more visuality-oriented products with special designs talking about brand identity to customers. Moreover, design is not limited to the look of the product itself because design of venue locations is also as important as design of the product. Knowing that fact many celebrated international brands are revamping the store design of its major retail stores (Nike, Converse, Burger King and Levi’s to name a few) from time to time.

D-ash Design, a New York-based environmental design firm, has created new interiors in dark browns and bright creams for new flagship venues of international chocolate-maker Godiva, which is celebrating its 85th anniversary this year.

The new store design will serve as a template for future Godiva retail locations by making chocolate-lovers have an exciting experience of a new chocolate world. The first store to incorporate the latest design, where ‘chocolate is the star’, has unveiled at Akmerkez in Istanbul’s Nisantasi district. The design which features a glittering aesthetic pays tribute to Godiva’s Belgian heritage.

According to www.dexigner.com, starting this spring, Godiva and D-ash Design will continue the collaboration and a number of the brand’s venues will be refreshed with the interiors. US redesigned stores will open in Atlanta in early 2011 (spring) and in New York City in mid-2011 (summer) as well as newly completed stores in Xintiandi, Shanghai; and at an IFC mall in Hong Kong. After these shops will be updated, the brand will continue the renovation movement introducing the new design to more stores.

The revamped flagships, each having their own personality, feature a Godiva café as well as an interactive 360-degree ‘Chocolate Island ‘and a two-storey vertical vitrine with offerings instead of the traditional chocolate display case. The basic tones of the interiors are resonant with a colour palette of dark browns and bright creams, in an array of rich materials to highlight the chocolate nature of the brand. The exterior features Art Nouveau-inflected bronze gates framing the Lady Godiva logo.

Our objective was to make the consumer feel totally surrounded, in a sense, not just by chocolate itself but by all the emotions that chocolate conjures-pleasure, indulgence, comfort,” stated David Ashen, the Principal at D-ash. “Everywhere you turn there’s a different way to enjoy Godiva, a different type of chocolate encounter.”


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