Top 100 Social Brands Rating Announced: Dell, Nike, Starbucks Rule Social Media

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Brand management, Social Media

On Friday, March 11, the top 100 rating of brands increasing their value by using the potential of social media was unveiled and ten key insights are published. The survey was conducted by Headstream Consulting, a marketing company who specialise in the use of digital social media to promote products and brands, over a three month period from November 2010 when nominations were crowdsourced on Twitter.

The survey aimed to present a rating of brands based on their ability to connect with online communities using the power of social media and to define an image of social brand— the brand with personality that uses humane ways to reach its customers with the purpose of creating value for people and communities.

Global companies Dell, Nike, and Starbucks make up the top three. Dell has shown leadership at the top with the second and third placed brands Nike (Nike Plus to be specific) and Starbucks. In Fourth is UK mobile brand Giffgaff and in fifth is BestBuy UK.

The Social Brands 100 has found that 99% of the brands listed in the rating are active on Twitter, making it the most popular online outpost for social brands. Also, the survey indicated that geo-location outposts are not yet integrated into the social mix with only 22% of the ranked brands using the likes of Foursquare and Gowalla. Interestingly, 45% of those who have started using these services are now inactive.

According to, in the process of the survey, researchers quantitatively evaluated a whopping 30,000 tweets, posts, comments and likes. Afterwards the data were evaluated by an independent panel of experts who scored each brand and social media monitoring partner Brandwatch provided social media data analytics.

So, the top 10 social brands rating looks as follows:

1. Dell

2. Nike Plus

3. Starbucks

4. giffgaff

5. Best Buy UK

6. Zappos

7. Innocent

8. Groupon UK

9. Blendtec

10. Converse

Kirsty Weston, head of social communications at Headstream, comments on the rating: We wanted to find out what really makes a brand social. The bad news for some is that we didn’t find a simple answer to this question because these brands engage in a diverse range of ways appropriate to their communities. The best examples, however, do stand out for commercial gains they’ve made from good use of social. It’ll be interesting to see where social brands sit in relation to geo-location outposts in a year’s time, as they start integrating the virtual and the real.”

To see all top 100 social media brands and get the key insights into what the social brands are like, please visit the official web-destination of the project at


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