Nokia Tries To Make You Believe ‘Success Is What You Make It’ In The New Campaign

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Brand management, Marketing

Surely, most of the time you question the meaning of success. Some people says it is just about money they make while some others regard it as something really priceless, like friendship, happiness and small bright moments of life. Although it seems that there is no exact meaning of ‘success’ that is generalisable and recognized by every person, Nokia tries to define ‘success’ in its latest global campaign by cooperating with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. In addition to promoting smartphone E7, the brand also allows consumers to look at their life from a new point of view.

This global multiplatform campaign, with a tagline ‘Success is what you make it’, includes digital promotion as well as conventionel channels such as prints and 15-, 30-, 45- and 60-second TV-commercials. A variety of E7 users from all around the world appear in these TV-commercials.

Each of the spot finishes with a line, which puts forward a new statement about what success really means—‘Success doesn’t need a desk,’ ‘Success has friends, not contacts,’ and ‘Success finds a way’ to name a few. Contrary to the position Nokia created before, the mobile device is positioned no longer as an ultimate business smartphone. Instead, this new mobile device is positioned as a gadget, helping people in different parts of the world enjoy simple pleasures of life literally on-the-go.

The light-hearted spots feature two male-bonding Finns at a rustic alpine sauna, young male adults playing computer games, a young Asian female commuter using her phone for checking some business information, a traveler and many more. In another 5-minute short movie on YouTube released by the brand, wrestling champion Matthew Wilson AKA Max ‘The Axe’ Damage tells what success means to him.

Moreover, the brand encourages people to share their views about what success is to them (in a text of up to 200 words)  on YouTube. With this promise, entrants who specify the prizes (the prize fund is €10,000) themselves will be able to make their success happen.

The brand will also plan to launch print advertising in two phases. The first set of prints shot by Dan Tobin Smith will not only underline the features of the smartphone but also include various definitions of success. In a second series of lifestyle-feel prints photographed by Paulo Martins, the brand will present a follow-up by focusing on small human success stories,” as Wieden + Kennedy states in the press release.

To adapt this campaign for all platforms, the brand and W+K also collaborated with a variety of studios and agencies including R/GA London, 1000heads, Hyper happen, KLP, JWT and Wunderman.


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