Global Brand Overhaul By Repositioning Carlsberg

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Brand management

Nowadays we see that many global brands resort to the use of repositioning as a way of marketing strategy to increase their sales that do not measure up to brand recognition. Although brand recognition seems to facilitate the amount of sales due to high exposure to brand, familiarity created and general acceptance of this brand, most of the time its sales simply fall short of the mark and do not measure up to its recognition. At this point, re-positioning brand comes on the scene to raise awareness that has faded away.

After all,  let’s come to the main topic about brand repositioning of Carlsberg, a world-renowned beer manufacturer. Carlsberg announced in April 5 that it was ready to start brand re-positioning in pursuit of its aim to double its profits by 2015. Since it also aims to become the fastest growing global beer producer, the company apparently is not content with its current global expansion. Carlsberg’s green logo is recognized worldwide, but its sales do not match its brand presence, the company’s CEO, Joergen Buhl Rasmussen, said in a press statement on Tuesday.

In addition to enhancing the recognition, Carlsberg tries to boost sales and increase market share on the beer market overcrowded with brands by polishing, re-working and renewing every single element of its brand identity. First of all, it repositions itself by targeting young adults—a bold and energetic audience who are not afraid of taking risks and feel courageous in the face of future. However, the brand still conserves its rich history and pays tribute to its heritage.

The company invests heavily in a new visual identity with a new range of packaging for Carlsberg beer in over 140 markets, and slogan as well as widening distribution channels. Given the success of Carlsberg ‘Profile’ bottle, the brand offers an embossed bottle as a key packaging for the drink.

The latest campaign features a new tagline, which says “That calls for a Carlsberg”. With this phrase, the brand’s redefined proposition encourages consumers to step up and do the right thing and afterwards reward themselves with a bottle of Carlsberg for their efforts.

Carlsberg has focused on innovation for the new campaign and beer experts behind Carlsberg have introduced new strain of barley, Null-LOX. As a result of this innovation, the beer can stay fresh for a longer time as well as better foaming characteristics.

With this fresh touch to its visual identity, the new identity is based on four design principles: it is bold, authentic, modern and approachable. As far as the core element of the logo is concerned, the Danish royal crown has remained but become more simple and distinctive. The dominant green which has been used since 1904,  has become brighter, while gold has been replaced by a more sophisticated blend of gold and silver. Furthermore, three new elements— the Brewer’s Star, the Hop Leaf and the inclusion of ‘Copenhagen 1847’— have been added to Carlsberg’s logo to commemorate where and when Carlsberg was first brewed.

Carlsberg believes that these changes to both the brand proposition and the visual identity will help to make the brand more consistent, appealing and distinctive to its consumers in both its established and newer markets.

“Few beer brands have a logo that’s strong and distinctive enough to live independently. Most beer brands have to rely on embellishment and decoration, but the Carlsberg logo can boldly stand on its own and it still looks as fresh and modern as if it were designed yesterday. The Art Nouveau-style Carlsberg logo was designed by top Danish designer Thorvald Bindesbøll in 1904 and has lasted more than 100 years and will likely last the next 100 years.” said Khalil Younes, Senior Vice President of Global, Sales, Marketing and Innovation

Rasmussen also said this global launch is the company’s way of getting its story out there to both its mature markets and its newer markets.“Although international recognition is good, it is not enough. We are investing significantly in the Carlsberg brand, widening our distribution channels and making every effort to get closer to our customers and consumers, “ he added.

The brand will not only sell the product through an enhanced network of distribution channels but also roll out this new positioning across a wide variety of multimedia and marketing channels including printed, online ads, TV spots and point-of-sale advertising materials. In addition to a new television advertising campaign, Carlsberg plans to introduce a new musical score in order to raise brand recognition and reinforce repositioning.


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