Google Map Maker Got On The Stage In U.S.

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I am sure that most of us are using Google map to find a location not only in a different country but also in the same city. Although Google map seems doing jolly well, we need more and more as the day goes on. However, this is not a big problem for Google hitching its wagon to a star to respond our never-ending needs.

Google has just launched Map Maker function in U.S. and the feature is available in 183 countries so far. Thanks to this feature, users can edit easily Google Maps by providing more information on their local area. The underlying aim of this function is very obvious: to facilitate the orientation, finding routes, specific business enterprises and just places of interest which are generally included in traditional maps.   A user must be signed in his/her Google account during the editing process in which he/she can mark a place or a route and then submit the edits for further review and approval. Other local Google Maps users or those authorized evaluate the edit. Since the innovation is created for the good of the community, providing your personal data to Google Maps (for instance, specifying ‘your girlfriend or boyfriend’s house) is not allowed.

What is more, Street View and advanced search features has been integrated to Google Maps. So it is possible to search for any places you want to visit for shopping, entertainment, education in the area you choose.

Since the launch of this function overseas, it has proved a great success. Users took over the initiative and created very detailed maps of their local areas.

“When we launched in Romania, it was blank. Every road, every building was created by users.” said Map Maker tech lead Lalitesh Katragadda in an interview to

To learn more about the feature, please visit

  1. cüneyt ünar says:

    can anybody who has a google account, post smt?

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