A Combination of East and West By ABSOLUT ORIENT APPLE

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Brand management, Marketing
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The sensational new ABSOLUT ORIENT APPLE made debut in Frankurt on 2 May, 2011. The new product not only combines the savoury allure and thrill of east and west but also merges the crisp sweetness of fresh apples with the deep spicy aroma of ginger to conjure a unique flavour sensation. This sensation seems to shine around the globe throughout the summer of 2011—and far beyond.

ABSOLUT ORIENT APPLE is naturally sweet and pleasantly fruity. Only superior quality natural ingredients are used and there is no added sugar or artificial flavour enhancers whatsoever in it. The natural fresh sweetness of apple and a subtle hint of the darker, complex spiciness of ginger create the unique flavour of ABSOLUT ORIENT APPLE.

It’s a flavour that really has a great range of mixing opportunities, for professional bartenders and for amateur cocktail enthusiasts,” says Anders Olsson, director of The Absolut Company Global Travel Retail. “ABSOLUT ORIENT APPLE enriches all flavours quite sensationally, whether these flavours are sweet, sour or bitter. It’s a fantastic cocktail base to mix with a variety of juices and sodas.”

The bottle, which features a beautifully carved golden apple surrounded by an aura of white shimmering, transparent ginger leaves, promotes the innovative design concept of ABSOLUT. When the bottle is full, the golden apple appears to be floating due to the lens effect of the bottle.

The ABSOLUT ORIENT APPLE launch is supported by a powerful and innovative 360-degree marketing campaign spanning all available media in duty free/travel retail outlets around the globe, including site-specific brand installations, tastings and events.

  1. shamtest says:

    I can’t seem to be able to reach this post from my droid!!!

  2. Absolut says:

    Its a grat bottle! I need this for tasting!

  3. test blasts are fun…

    I saw this really good post today….

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