New Opportunity For Brand By Facebook: Brand Tagging

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Brand management, Social Media
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Not sure if you heard, but last week Facebook made some changes to its photo tagging feature and introduced a new function that will be available to all users. Thanks to this new feature, pages (brands, celebrities, etc.) can be tagged on photos just the same as users can be tagged.

For example, you can easily tag your car’s brand on a picture of you standing near your car by tagging your vehicle and linking it to the Facebook page of car manufacturer (don’t worry, almost all car have a page on Facebook). If the person who posted the photo set it to be seen by “everyone”, then brands themselves (or fans of the brands can do the tagging) in the photo and it will show up on that brand’s page. If the user’s privacy settings are set to “friend’s only”, the photo will only show up on in their network.

Although it seems a small change, this might be a boon from the point of marketers. Since tagging a photo is innately more intimate compared to simply liking a page on Facebook, Fast Company regarded it as potentially far more potent than “Likes”. But of course, marketers should approach this feature with caution because there is a serious concern on whether this function could generate a massive amount of spam for the brands and will add a heap of work for Facebook page moderators.

However, in spite of all concerns and fears, Facebook has introduced this function with the aim to enhance promotional opportunities for advertisers and generate more pages for the brands. This function creates multiple opportunities for brands to launch promotional campaigns, engage in a visual way with fans’ networks of friends and family as well as enhancing Facebook users to participate in different activities like user photo contests. It’s powerful word of mouth marketing – without actually using words.

No doubt there will be malfeasance on the part of pranksters. Therefore, it is better for marketers to wait and see just before taking a step.


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