Eyes Don’t Lie!

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Again “Swedish scientists” and again an innovation that makes life easier… This time it is only a pair of glasses which helps to create a marketing and brand strategy. Who focuses on which part of what product? Thanks to Eye Tracker, it is possible to give clear answers to these questions.

The last innovation of the Scandinavian, who put their signature under many innovations, is glasses. Of course, they are not classic glasses, which we know. Instead, it is Eye Tracker

Eye Tracker is a kind of application following eye movements and developed by Swedish Tobii Technology, which has 10 year history and was chosen as “The Fastest-Growing Technology Company” of Sweden. It is a kind of eye scanner. By benefiting from infrared technology, the system determines where users are looking at and provides right interpretation of data. The data provided by Eye Tracker is used in many areas from market research to advertising, from web design to product design. Moreover, Eye Tracker is used in various areas such as psychological tests, eye diseases, autism works.

However, the most widespread usage area is market researches. In researches that benefit from Eye Tracker, subjects wear the glasses and enter a market. Then, the products which attract the attention of a subject, spaces he/she scans and which parts of the package he/she focuces are recorded and analyzed. As a result, those questions that are vital to determine a strategy find an answer correctly thank to Eye Tracker: Which design left behind its competitors in terms of sales? What short time is package design noticed, how many customers’ attention did it attract? Could customer reach all information given on the package? At which position on the shelves do products attract more attention?

The sale price of Eye Tracker is 24,900 euros and what’s more, Tobii Studio software that analyzes data is not included in this price. The software which has a label around 9,900 euros is sold separately. However, it is possible to hire Eye Tracker and monthly rent, including software, changes between 100 and 3 thousand euros according to the type of services.


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