Which Brand Embraces Which Color?

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Brand management, Marketing
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Every color has a special language, every color leaves a different impression on people. Red color evokes passion and dynamism while black color evokes quality and luxury. The colors, each of which offers a different connotation, are the one of the biggest weapon of marketing. Such that, brands make the values they represent meaningful by favor of colors. Well then, which brand embraces which color?

It is the stubborn fact that colors have an impact on the process of brand-building as their sensuous powers are quite high. Most of the time, a color that is identified properly with brand values becomes more effective than corporate identity or vision put into words and entrenches brand in consumer perception.

Color Marketing Group (CMG), which has more than a thousand members around the world, comes together twice in a year and forecasts consumers’ color preferences and colors that should be used in products. In this way, they try to increase the sales of their customers. According to the color statistics published by CMG, colors not only have a critical role to attract the attention of consumers but also play a big part in respect of “salience”, which is one of the primary requirements of communication. Color increases brand recognition by 80 % and readability by 40 %. Colorful advertisements are read by 43 % more compared to black and white advertisements. Furthermore, they might have an impact on purchase of a product by 85 %.

As we all know, red is a color that is associated with spiritedness and dynamism. It is not only a symbol of power but also has an appetizing impact. So most of the food companies in the world such as Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s and Burger King use red color in their logos.

As for the rest…Green is the color of nature and spring and usually gives comfort and confidence. So it is favorite color for banks such as BNP Paribas. It also represents environmentalism and takes place in the logos of Greenpeace, Starbucks, Healthy Choice and Snack Wells.

The effects of colors are related with social and cultural life as well as some instinctive impulses. Black is the most relevant example. Black color, symbolizing emotionality in some societies, represents power and passion in some other societies. However, the most important connotation of black is luxury. As a result, many brands which are symbol of luxury and quality such as Jack Daniel’s and Johnnie Walker Black Label, use black color intensely.

Blue is the color of the sky, wide horizons and the sea. It represents infinity, comfort and has a calming effect. Facebook, Intel and Skype are the first brands that comes to mind as using blue. That is to say innovative brands from technology sector prefer mostly blue color. In the world of brands, red color is used to increase sales and attract attention while blue color becomes prominent as a corporate color and is used to convey the message of stability.

Orange represents mostly liveliness and energy, so brands appealing to young people such as Fanta prefer this color. Also, some brands use orange in terms of attainability and accessibility.They give consumers the message “There is nothing expensive inside, everything has an accessible price for you”. Advantage Card, Amazon.com, Etsy, Budget and Orange are the brands using this color.

Let’s look at yellow color lastly: Yellow not only is identified with happiness and fun but also connotates intelligence, subtlety and praticability. So it can be said that orange is a color of energy and the youth. Many brands use the brightness of yellow to stand out among their rivals. Axess, Mc Donald’s, Best Buy, Shell, Ferrari and Renault are the most well-known examples.

If we look at the basic color scale, it is obvious that the colors can be counted on the fingers of two hands. So it is not easy to choose and embrace one of them but brands choose the colors –  which mostly identify with their corporate values – and keep on their competition over these colors they embraced.

  1. Really great post. Thanks for sharing. I would love to see this by country.

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