Manage A La Carte Restaurants And Events Easily With “Protel Restaurant Reservation System (P-Rest)”

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Brand management
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Protel, which is committed to provide professional business solutions for the hospitality industry (such as hotel, restaurant, cruise ship, coffee shop, theme park or conference center), has presented the new version of the “Protel Restaurant Reservation System” to the liking of guests. This new version was developed in order to control the reservation process as well as increasing the performance in the A la Carte restaurants of the hotels.

Protel Restaurant Reservation (P-Rest) solution allows the hotel guests to make online reservation at A la Carte restaurants via kiosks by using their room cards and obtain fully organized reservation lists. If and when the reservations are priced, the system automatically charges the price to customer’s account by means of its integration with Fidelio. Moreover, price discrimination in accordance with the type of accomodation is applied.

Another feature of the new version of P-rest is “event and gala management”. With this new feature, it is possible to view selection of the tables and chairs in the area of event, capacity and seating plans in real-time. So this makes it easy and possible to finalize the reservation.

It is the most obvious conclusion that P-Rest application which got full marks from the guests in terms of visual quality and functionality provides error-free operation, 100% control and customer satisfaction by carrying the reservation process to electronic environment.


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