Alcoholic Beer Out, Non-Alcoholic Beer In!

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Brand management
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As Efes Non-alcoholic beer has been launched recently, most probably a question mark came up minds of many people: Is it a reflection of prohibition of alcoholic beverages? However, if we look at the numbers coming from “soft drink” market, in other words, “non-alcoholic beverages” market, we can easily see that this is a rising trend in the world. Although beer market in the world grew by 16 % in the last five years, the growth in non-alcoholic beer market realized 81 % and Efes has taken the first step of this ladder in Turkey.

In almost all parts of the world, especially Muslim countries and Europe, soft drink market, which is called “non-alcoholic sector”, is growing and increasing its market share. Turkey is only a small part of this non-alcoholic sector, which has reached a size of $100 million in only Europe. So Efes, which didn’t turn a blind eye to this rising trend in the world, has launched Efes non-alcoholic beer as the 14th brand in its portfolio recently.

Today, one or more than one “non-alcoholic beer” is found in almost all of big beer brands’ product range. Consumers and particularly beer lovers are increasingly demanding non-alcoholic beer. The main reason for this situation is that non-alcoholic beer can be consumed in many atmospheres in which alcoholic beer cannot be consumed or is not allowed. This trend results in an increase in non-alcoholic beer market that is greater than it is in alcoholic-beer market.

There is no doubt that Efes is one of the first brands that come to minds when the word “beer” is mentioned. Efes Turkey Marketing Director Dilek Başarır, who said that they decided to apply this trend in Turkey and add this trend to their product range after a long-standing work, emphasized that Efes Non-Alcoholic took place on the shelves after two years of effort. She added that people mostly liked Efes Non-Alcoholic in the researhes they have done so far

Non-alcoholic beer is a very new market for Turkey. So Efes Non-Alcoholic is a product which creates its own category in a sense. With this innovative feature of Efes Alcoholic, Başarır believes that they will enlarge the general beverage market. However, it is too early to get a feedback from consumers in order to have good reliable data since it has just taken place in the shelves.

I haven’t tried it yet, so I cannot share my experiences. But it seems that Efes Non-Alcoholic gives beer lovers an opportunity to enjoy drinking beer in different occasions because of not consisting alcohol.


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