Beachwear Collection By H&M In A Pop-up Beach Shop

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Brand management
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H&M is one of the stores that I cannot pass away without stopping in order to see the collections. Although H&M seems to appear everywhere around especially European city centers and in almost all shopping malls, it is most likely a dream to see an H&M store just on the beach. Have you ever dreamed about choosing your swimming suit in H&M situated on the beach? For example, let’s consider that you want to change your swimming suit or to wear a dress because your friend has just called you to meet him/her in the cafe near the beach immediately. Although it seems impossible to find an H&M store in the middle of the beach, the last campaign by H&M shows that a surprise might happen at any moment.

Continuing its collaboration with WaterAid this year, H&M popped up a temporary container store for a two day sale right on the beach, situated at the Hague’s popular Scheveningen seaside resort. WaterAid is an international NGO that provides access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities. H&M donated 25% of proceeds from the sale to the project.

The event not only marked the ninth annual collaboration between H&M and WaterAid but also featured the Swedish apparel retailer’s new ‘Beachwear in Shades of Blue’ line.

“Every purchase from the collection will help WaterAid save lives and lift people out of poverty,” said Caroline Whatley of WaterAid, when the line was introduced in May. “Since 2002, our collaboration with H&M has raised more than $2.4 million to support this vital work.”

Although each year H&M donates 10% of the proceeds stemming from sales of a particular bikini to WaterAid, this year an entire collection of beachwear is included in their contribution in addition to the dedicated event mentioned above.


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