Now Time For Post-Digital Marketing

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Advertising, Brand management, Marketing, Social Media
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“No longer people click on banners, prefer to look at the website of brands” says Vice President of Strategy at Wunderman, Thom Kennon. Because he believes that digital era is over. Now, it’s time for “post-digital” era with mobile tools in the pocket of consumers.

We live in a world that we, probably, never expected a decade ago. In today’s world, most of us live as being stuck on our smart phones that are regarded as the most important benefaction of today’s world. According toThom Kennon, today’s world is the off-spring of post-digital era. Furthermore, the USA, which is the cradle of marketing and advertising, is falling behind many countries in this new world order.

Let’s look at the history of advertising and marketing in the light of the explanation made by Thom Kennon. Certainly, the golden age of television channel in terms of advertising started in 1960. During 35 years from 1960 to 1995, people generally look at marketing and advertising very scientifically. However, commercial web appeared in 1995 and until 2010 marketing field which is called as “digital”grew.

In this process, for many people digital was the form of “below-the-line” marketing compared to television. Because it was offering cheap solutions like banner to brands. Then, websites were preferred to outdoor or printed advertisements and in the following years, brands and agencies started to establish digital departments and specializations.

However, today everything has changed, we’ve changed in that our preferences, interests and sphere of influence have changed. So digital advertising needed something different to influence consumers.

Another point emphasized by Thom Kennon is “mobile” channel that is regarded as a must in this new world order. In this post-digital process, we’ve definitely learned many various areas such as search, social media. For instance, social media has come on the scene as an open box of personality in that it has become possible to learn what people talk about, what they look for and what they wnat. More importantly, users have been able to control the messages. However, “mobile” has carried everything to a completely different point since mobile channel is everywhere from your bags to your pockets. So it is a vital point for marketers in order to touch consumer.

After all, we can consider such that mobile, search and social media are definitely the main path on which we are walking in the process called as “post-digital”.

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