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We all know that sex is everywhere; not only in romantic movies but also sometimes in a big billboard that includes an advertisement of your favourite perfume brand, sometimes on the wall next to the moving staircase in the tube station and so on. Surely, sex sells but have you ever asked the question of why?

Beautiful women and charismatic men, in sexy clothes or most of the times naked giving a smell of sex, seems a very useful tool to advertisers and brand managers. Because according to a research, looking at them makes you more stupid. The findings come from tests on people who were hooked up to monitors to record their brainwaves while they were looking at some adverts.

Especially, ads with pictures of attractive models significantly lower levels of activity in the areas of the brain which are involved in making decisions. Therefore, they make people buy without rationally thinking it through. According to study author Dr Ian Cook, a scientist at the University of California; some advertisers wish to seduce, rather than persuade, to buy these specific brands.

“These results suggest ads employing non-rational influence images could lead to less behavioural inhibition, which could translate to less restraint when it comes to buying products.” said Dr Cook.

Although there are still many adverts which use “logical persuasion” technique, relying on facts such as nutritional statistics or how many miles a car does to the litre; the advertisements which use non-rational influence with sexy models shouldn’t be underestimated. They are almost everywhere and make even ‘routine’ products seem more attractive.