A Medley From Your Memories by MixPixie

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Brand management, Marketing
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Have you ever made a mix tape for your loved one? MixPixie is trying to bring the romance back to the digital world and keep memories alive by allowing music lovers to do the same thing on CD.

Newly established, London-based business is the world’s first personalised CD service. It allows customers to create bespoke albums by choosing artwork from over 500 designs and picking favorite songs from its library of over 8 million tracks. In addition to designing, buyers can include text and personal photos. A ten-track album costs about £15.

Adam Goodyer, James Perkins and Buffie du Pon launched the company a few months ago after spending a year negotiating music catalogue licences. The trio target the gift market and aim to sell 75,000 albums in their first year. They have signed deals with artists including Westlife, Justin Bieber, Jason Donovan and Lionel Ritchie. Former Universal marketing boss Miss du Pon got the idea after a misdirected parcel came through her letterbox containing a homemade CD and a message to a valentine. She said: ‘It brought home how music provides a soundtrack to life.’ As Pon put into the words, CD sales still make up 70% of all the music bought.

‘The problem with compilation albums is they can have scores of tracks but you may only like a handful of what’s an offer.’ Added Pon.

Mr Perkins, who set up the award-winning Concert Live business with Mr. Goodyer, said: ‘We are supporting CD sales and hope to show that downloads aren’t the only profitable revenue stream in the music industry.’


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