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This heading seems to be a little bit tricky as if it gives a hint to reach a wonderland with only 40 cents in your pocket. Most probably, this amount of money is nothing more than a piece of gum or an apple for you. However, have you ever thought that it costs more than that but a life, in another words, one day more in this land of life for anyone? If you have never thought about it, maybe it’s time to read this post rather than racking your brains.

Most of the time in this blog, I have shared my findings and ideas related to brand awareness but this time I am writing to raise HIV awareness. I am aware of the fact that World AIDS Day held on 1 December each year already passed away. Since it is an issue that should be not only raised one day but always on the agenda, we have just started to implement a project in order to raise HIV awareness and create support for people living with HIV.

Today, unfortunately 34 million people are living with HIV worldwide and 390,000 new HIV infections are among children. Especially, within Sub-Saharan Africa 15-28% of the population are living with HIV. For all these people, 40 cents = 2 lifesaving pills… With the help of 2 antiretroviral (ARV) pills that only cost around 40 cents a day, a person with HIV can transform his/her life in as few as 40 days. Doctors call it “The Lazarus Effect”.

In 2010, HIV Awareness Organization (RED) launched The Lazarus Effect Campaign to raise awareness of the antiretroviral medicine for those living with HIV in Africa. The campaign included television, print and online advertising. In a video for the campaign the cost of the pills was compared to trivial items that were obtained for the same 40 cents.

The campaign was directed by photographer Brigitte Lacombe and featured a host of high profile celebrities including Bono, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, Claire Danes, Alek Wek, Iman, John Turturro, Toni Collette, Hugh Jackman, Orlando Bloom, Lucy Liu, Gabourey Sidibe, Kerry Washington, Bryan Cranston, LeAnn Rimes, Jane Lynch, Michelle Rodriguez, Gwen Stefani, Hayden Christensen, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Don Cheadle, Ludacris, Common, Benicio Del Toro, Dakota Fanning, Christy Turlington, and the Jonas Brothers.

Here’s the video campaign debuted in 2010…and it’s a good one. It really puts things into perspective and makes you think.

“The Lazarus Effect” references the biblical story of Lazarus who was resurrected four days after his death by Jesus. The term is used to describe the effect of antiretroviral medicine on those living with HIV as the pills, which cost 40 cents a day, allow a person dying from aids to regain their strength within 40 days.

The Lazarus Effect is demonstrated in the photos below—a baby before the treatment (L) and 90 days after beginning the antiretroviral medicine to treat her HIV (R).

After all, with the right interventions at the right time, resilience and hope can be developed. So let’s start to tell this story so that people see what 40 cents buy and what life costs…


Again “Swedish scientists” and again an innovation that makes life easier… This time it is only a pair of glasses which helps to create a marketing and brand strategy. Who focuses on which part of what product? Thanks to Eye Tracker, it is possible to give clear answers to these questions.

The last innovation of the Scandinavian, who put their signature under many innovations, is glasses. Of course, they are not classic glasses, which we know. Instead, it is Eye Tracker

Eye Tracker is a kind of application following eye movements and developed by Swedish Tobii Technology, which has 10 year history and was chosen as “The Fastest-Growing Technology Company” of Sweden. It is a kind of eye scanner. By benefiting from infrared technology, the system determines where users are looking at and provides right interpretation of data. The data provided by Eye Tracker is used in many areas from market research to advertising, from web design to product design. Moreover, Eye Tracker is used in various areas such as psychological tests, eye diseases, autism works.

However, the most widespread usage area is market researches. In researches that benefit from Eye Tracker, subjects wear the glasses and enter a market. Then, the products which attract the attention of a subject, spaces he/she scans and which parts of the package he/she focuces are recorded and analyzed. As a result, those questions that are vital to determine a strategy find an answer correctly thank to Eye Tracker: Which design left behind its competitors in terms of sales? What short time is package design noticed, how many customers’ attention did it attract? Could customer reach all information given on the package? At which position on the shelves do products attract more attention?

The sale price of Eye Tracker is 24,900 euros and what’s more, Tobii Studio software that analyzes data is not included in this price. The software which has a label around 9,900 euros is sold separately. However, it is possible to hire Eye Tracker and monthly rent, including software, changes between 100 and 3 thousand euros according to the type of services.

I am sure that most of us are using Google map to find a location not only in a different country but also in the same city. Although Google map seems doing jolly well, we need more and more as the day goes on. However, this is not a big problem for Google hitching its wagon to a star to respond our never-ending needs.

Google has just launched Map Maker function in U.S. and the feature is available in 183 countries so far. Thanks to this feature, users can edit easily Google Maps by providing more information on their local area. The underlying aim of this function is very obvious: to facilitate the orientation, finding routes, specific business enterprises and just places of interest which are generally included in traditional maps.   A user must be signed in his/her Google account during the editing process in which he/she can mark a place or a route and then submit the edits for further review and approval. Other local Google Maps users or those authorized evaluate the edit. Since the innovation is created for the good of the community, providing your personal data to Google Maps (for instance, specifying ‘your girlfriend or boyfriend’s house) is not allowed.

What is more, Street View and advanced search features has been integrated to Google Maps. So it is possible to search for any places you want to visit for shopping, entertainment, education in the area you choose.

Since the launch of this function overseas, it has proved a great success. Users took over the initiative and created very detailed maps of their local areas.

“When we launched in Romania, it was blank. Every road, every building was created by users.” said Map Maker tech lead Lalitesh Katragadda in an interview to

To learn more about the feature, please visit

One graphic design firm in the U.K. tries its hand at non-design in the name of public health.

Branding is everywhere from the drug industry to the tobacco industry regardless of unhealthy impacts of products. Most probably you all hear about anti-smoking crusaders who shout slogans “that’s a public health problem”. The U.K. seems giving an ear to these crusaders by coming up a policy suggestion against this problem. Now, the U.K. might adopt a policy that would ask cigarette companies to remove their sexy packaging in favor of plain-jane design. The aim is to stamp out smoking’s appeal, once and for all.

Icon Magazine enlisted the aid of London graphic design firm ‘Build Graphic Design’ to reimagine cigarette packets without their iconic branding. “We chose to approach the design almost from a non-design perspective,” Build writes on its blog. They accomplished this by “Stripping out any superfluous design elements and taking it down to an ultra-’generic’ feel.”

The reason why they resort to a non-design perspective is very obvious. They believe that removing recognizable cigarette branding in favor of center staging the health risks might discourage people from smoking.

Three packet designs were devised, each one choosing to display the health hazards in a different way. Also, each one is done up in OCR-B, the generic monospace typeface you see in UPC codes, and little splashes of color. One chooses the option of compiling a recipe list all chemicals contained in cigarettes, the idea being: “Food packaging now has to list its contents by law – why should cigarettes be any different?”

Another gives the box over to frightening warning labels: “Smoking these 20 Marlboro Reds will reduce your life expectancy by 3 hrs: 40 mins (11 mins per cigarette)” or “Smoking kills” repeated over and over again. The third is a study in minimalism, conveying basic information in tiny type. Each cigarette packet also contains a QR code which links to the government website on the health hazards of smoking and how to quit.

The research says that the most effective way to dissuade young people from smoking is to convince them that it isn’t cool (usually through their friends). And that’s where Build runs into problems. Because the packs, newly designed, do the exact thing they’re not supposed to do. Although they may discourage people’s tendency to select one brand over another, it seems that they won’t discourage smoking as a whole.

One commenter wrote on Build’s blog: “I don’t know what it is, but cig­a­rette pack­ag­ing seems to look good no mat­ter what you do to it.” Instead of just changing the design, the U.K. should consider more drastic tack which will be able to eradicate smoking.

Valentine’s Day, regarded as a commecialized day for most people, is approaching swiftly creating a sweet rush for many lovers all around the world. Although it is difficult for women to choose a gift for men, it seems very easy for men to choose a gift for women. Most probably men will flock into lingerie section in stores to buy a gift for this special day. This choice “buying lingerie” will not only make a hit with many women but also juice up this special day for men by giving intense pleasure of seeing the lingerie on their women.

Debenhams, being aware of this situation, does a roaring business by helping to hapless men, who constantly buy their wives and girlfriends the wrong kind of underwear. In the lead up to Valentine’s day the fashion store, Debenhams, has compiled a 10 point “Lingerie Commandments” guide to help men choose lingerie that women want to wear rather than styles they want them to wear. Not only the guide has been issued to all 161 Debenhams stores but also staff have been trained to recognise hapless men in need of lingerie advice in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

The first rule Debenhams emphasizes for men is to: “Forget Pussycat Dolls – red PVC lingerie might appeal to you, but don’t expect it to turn your woman into a minx.”

Another important commandment is: “Don’t EVER buy her Control Wear. Although knickers and bras which keep flabby bulges hidden may be her first choice, buying them as a present will reduce the chances of romance by ruining this special night.

Since so much lingerie bought by men at this time of year or another peak time of year Christmas is then quickly returned by women, Debenhams has issued the guide. The trend is called as ‘Monday Duties’ by the experts at the store because lingerie is usually bought by men on Saturday and returned by women on a Monday.

Debenhams hopes that it will help male customers to buy the right gift. However, there is another underlying reason of issuing the Lingerie Commandments guide. It will also help Debenhams save time and Money by reducing the amount of lingerie brought back to be exchanged.

Lingerie personal shopper at Debenhams Oxford Street, Mina Abban-Mensah, said, “We see swarms of men in the lingerie department in the run up to Valentine’s Day – but few seem to know how or why they ended up there…Most men can easily identify the parts of an engine, or change a tyre in a matter of minutes; yet when faced with the option of a balconette, basque or push-up, they are instantly puzzled.”

Mina continued: “The lingerie commandments are a great introduction, as they mean that all our staff will be able to offer relevant, important expert advice on shopping for lingerie gifts.”

According to a research about shopping habits by the lingerie retailer, most of the time men get it wrong when it comes to buying lingerie. Also, the research revealed that 68% of women were less than impressed when they have received Valentines lingerie in the past.

After all, the best advice to men buying lingerie for this February 14th is undoubtedly to take into consideration each commandment. The rewards will be waiting for men in the wee hours of the night or maybe much before these hours…

New Women’s Network By PepsiCo

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I do not enter into a discussion who is more powerful force online, women or men. However, I should say that women are becoming more and more powerful force online than they were just a decade ago. Although this seems just an obvious fact that is impossible to zone out, only some brands take steps in this direction. Snack-and-soda giant, PepsiCo, is one of these giving priority to this fact.

PepsiCo not only sponsors upcoming Social Media Week but also plans to announce the launch of a new online community for women at this upcoming event. The site, called Women’s Inspiration Network (WIN), offers videos and content on topics like environment and sustainability, health and wellness, and people and talent.

According to a research, women are more active than men in social networks like Facebook in that they are not only 57% of users but also do 62% of the sharing. As a result, women are more likely to trust information found in online women’s communities, especially when it comes to making purchasing decision. Furthermore, another study which has been recently conducted by women’s site iVillage indicated that 51% of women’s community users trust product information found in them, compared with only 14% on typical social media sites.

Since women control 85% of household spending decisions, they are regarded as PepsiCo’s strongest consumer base. Women are increasingly influential in the digital space, says Jamie Stein, digital director for the company. “We want to build a community to have a two-way dialogue. Our strategy is listening, engaging and enabling–connecting with women in real time, on their terms.

PepsiCo is led by Indra Nooyi, the No. 6 most powerful women in the world by Forbes.

Monster customers whose job postings are on Monster are now accessible on the mobile engagement channel.

If you are unemployed looking for a job or employed but dissatisfied with your current job, most likely you have already met, a job matching engine and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide, Inc. Even, you have an account and actively follow the new job postings. Especially, if you are trying to find a job immediately, you need to look at the job postings regardless of wherever and whenever you are. realises this need and takes action in order to meet this need.

Recently, has debuted an iPad application designed specifically for job seekers. The free application, created to complement the user experience on the web site,  is available for download at the Apple App store. It is fully integrated with a user’s Monster account. Therefore, users can easily have Access to stored resumes, cover letters, and apply histories.

Thanks to the special features of this application, it is possible to search for jobs using built-in GPS for jobs nearest seekers. Users can access and manage saved jobs which can be reviewed later. Moreover, users can easily apply for jobs editing cover letters as well as viewing application history and resumes.

According to a press release, seekers have conducted 1.5M job searches, viewed 3.1 jobs and applied for over 200,000 jobs in the five months since the iPhone application was unveiled.

“At Monster, our goal is to enable seekers to uncover their right career opportunities that will ultimately improve their lives. Just as we’ve done with the iPhone application, we hope to do the very same thing with the iPad application – giving seekers a slew of options to access our database to find their perfect job, as soon as it becomes available, said Vasu Nagalingam, senior product director at Monster Worldwide.

More and more users are adopting mobile and portable devices as their primary means of accessing the Internet – Morgan Stanley predicts Smartphone shipments to eclipse PC shipments by mid 2012. By providing access to our 6Sense job search engine via the mobile engagement channel, Monster is committed to providing all the tools necessary for job seekers to reach their potential.” he concluded.