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Starbucks, which provides its millions of consumers with a large product range from various types of coffee to delicious cookies, has launched an updated and redesigned version of online destination.

Thanks to this improvement, Starbucks’ consumers enjoy from the enhanced shopping experience. In addition to this, they can easily and quickly find the best coffee, teas and merchandise offerings. Unlike traditional coffee&tea range, the digital platform, which was developed with by a global e-commerce solution provider “PFSweb”, consumers benefit from a great deal of extra services like subscription, tasting tours and prepaid gift cards across the U.S. territories.

Shopping at the new site reflects the unique, rich experience customers enjoy in our stores while offering an expanded collection of coffees, teas and merchandise,” commented Stephen Gillett, chief information officer, executive vice president of Digital Ventures at Starbucks Coffee Company. “The redesign of Starbucks Store was driven by customer feedback and we’re excited to share some of the best products from across the company with customers and give them the opportunity to shop online when it’s most convenient for them.”

By visiting the re-launched online store, consumers can reach Starbucks’ wide product range including coffee (as well as exotic and rare Starbucks Reserve blends) and tea, which can be also ordered as tasting tours, equipment (including coffee presses, grinders and tea pots), drinkware (mugs and tumblers), subscriptions for coffee and tea offerings (it is possible to pre-order special products and schedule and manage the schedule of the items delivery), gifts, Starbucks Cards and office coffee. Buying goods on, consumers will also get an access to exclusive promotions and will be able to purchase goods that are not sold in offline Starbucks venues.

Also, a mini summer-themed campaign has been launched by the coffeee brand recently. With this campaign, the brand aims to encourage its fans to tell what they would like to do with extra five minutes. Consumers are invited to “share and discover epic moments as they happen all summer long,” post their inspiring, beautiful summer stills to Instagram and tell the whole world what they would like to do with 5 more minutes on Twitter.


Starbucks  has just launched its app for iPhone. Not only the app introduces its popular Starbucks Card eGift feature on a mobile device for the first time but also combines the features of its two popular apps for iPhone and iPod touch: myStarbucks and Starbucks Card Mobile.

Now it is possible for customers to access their favorite Starbucks Card features, use the mobile payment capability, track their My Starbucks Rewards and custom Starbucks features in one app. Customers can send a mobile gift along with the new option.

Thanks to Starbucks Card eGift feature, customers can treat friends and family to their favorite Starbucks beverage, food or merchandise by sending a gift straight from their Apple devices. Customers can customize Starbucks Card eGifts with a personal message and send it to their contacts or Facebook friends list, for any amount between $5.00$100.00

Furthermore, it becomes possible for customers to find nearby Starbucks stores with Starbucks for iPhone by using the store locator feature. In addition to access food and beverage nutrition information, it allows customers to build a virtual beverage with the Drink Builder. Even a job search at Starbucks is possible with the app.

Finding new ways to connect with our customers and elevate the experience in and and out of our stores drives our continued growth in the mobile space. We’re inspired by our customers and their feedback on which led us to develop the new Starbucks for iPhone App,” said Adam Brotman, vice president, general manager, Digital Ventures at Starbucks Coffee Company. “Customers asked for the convenience of one app bringing together the features they love to use. Also, since the introduction of Starbucks Card eGift, we’ve heard people wanted a mobile version. With the Starbucks for iPhone App we had the opportunity to bring together a collection of great features, and we’re excited to offer this new mobile experience to iPhone and iPod touch users.

The Starbucks for iPhone App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at Starbucks website.

Last month Starbucks presented the similar app for Android.